The Heart & Soul of Lhasa Artisan Brand

Our endeavor is to offer you the finest uniquely designed Buddhist mala beads, Tibetan and Yoga inspired jewelry, meditation supplies and dharma goods. We offer a wide variety of interesting designs and each piece represents a labor of love. It is our pleasure and passion to bring our unique brand of spirited craftsmanship in every piece we craft and support the talented artisans of Nepal who make many of the beautiful things we carry. The wearable works of art our artist, Lyndsey, creates derive their inspiration from Tibetan and Nepalese cultures. Much like Tibetan mandalas and thangkas, her work is striking and colorful. Traditional design elements and materials are combined with modern aesthetics to create an interesting look with hints of cultural timelessness. Inspired by Himalayan designs and time-honored craftsmanship techniques, she also decided to undertake the difficult task of learning to practice some of those techniques more in depth herself. It proved to be a fruitful endeavor through patience, a willing teacher and perseverance, and the Lhasa Heirloom Collection was born years later.

Our Purpose and Philosophy

While our goods continue to evolve and change in interesting ways, our philosophy continues to remain the same: We are a 'Handcrafted Only’ shop with a passion for Tibetan and Nepalese artistry. Everything we carry is produced by human hands, and everything we acquire or make is done so in small batches. Handcrafted pieces are the tangible manifestation of the delightful human element involved in the creation process. The subtle imperfections found in handmade pieces are a part of its story, and are wonderful reminders that what you are holding is in fact handmade by a human being and not a machine designed for speed, large quantity and precision. It is our pleasure and passion to share our unique brand of spirited craftsmanship in each piece we offer. Our pieces crafted by artisans and craftspeople in Nepal are 'Fair Trade'. Artisans are paid a proper living wage for their craft, have safer working conditions and if the pieces aren’t already made, the artisan is paid prior to the goods being created. This practice of payment in full prior to delivery eliminates direct out of pocket costs for artisan. We work directly with artisans and family owned small businesses in this region to acquire our merchandise.

Customer relationships are one of the pillars of the foundation on which Lhasa Artisan Brand stands. Personalized attention to each and every order and email is of paramount importance to us. You are not just an order number here; you are a human being with concerns, wants and needs, and will always be treated as such. It is our goal to create a buying and communication atmosphere that is just as comfortable and pleasant as dealing with trusted friend. Additionally, we hope that people from any walk of life will feel at home browsing and shopping here.

We strive to provide researched content in the descriptions of the goods we carry. The informational points of our descriptions come from actual texts and academic works as well as published travel memoirs and even some our own anecdotal experiences with relevant items, monks, teachers and other people who share our passion.

We love custom work! We are happy to put our design and craftsmanship skills to work and create something special for you. We specialize in mala beads, mala bracelets, meditation benches and jewelry. At the present moment, the only shape we cannot produce for a custom wooden bead is a perfect sphere because of our equipment’s limitations. Other than that, the designs we can produce are fairly endless. We can even shape bodhi seed for you. We also offer traditional mala repair and re-stringing services. In keeping with tradition, If a bead is missing from the mala we can replace it with any bead type available of your choosing. It doesn’t need to match the mala if you don’t wish it to. In fact, many malas of antiquity are not perfectly matching since they have been repaired countless times and whatever was available or significant to the owner was used to make it whole again. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above services.