Our 'Heirloom Exotic Collection' mala beads are limited production, artisanal pieces that are exclusively made and designed by our artist here in our studio. Every mala in this collection consists, either in part or completely, of Lhasa Artisan Brand's antiquity caliber exotic wood beads. Each exotic wood bead is individually handcrafted by us from raw blocks of wood, using methods that are rooted in ancient tradition. A single mala made entirely from our exotic beads takes many days to complete as they are not mass produced by automated machines.

These stunning pieces are the result of our artist studying under a master prayer beads craftsman, and the desire to learn this ancient art in order to create a unique-looking antique caliber mala not found anywhere else that can stand the test of time to become a cherished heirloom. The creation process is one of centuries old tradition that is seldom practiced today, and we are humbled and excited to carry on this tradition with you through the malas we craft. 

We love custom work. It is our pleasure and passion to design a custom mala, mala bracelet or mala necklace for you. Please contact us to discuss design concepts and pricing.

Buddhist Mala Beads with Rengas Tiger Wood and Blue Italian Glass Top View
Buddhist Mala Beads with Cocobolo and Tulipwood Guru Bead
Buddhist Mala Beads with Carved Shell and Bocote Wood Top View
Buddhist Mala Beads with Ocean Agate and Ebony Wood Top View
Tibetan Mala Beads with Rustic Inlaid Bone and Cocobolo
Tibetan Mala Beads White Inlaid Bone and Cocobolo Top View
Tibetan Mala Beads with Cocobolo and Bocote Wood
Mala Beads with Kingwood and Black Inlaid Bone
Tibetan Mala Beads with Rustic Inlaid Bone and Tulipwood
Buddhist Mala Beads with Tigereye and Kingwood
Tibetan Mala Beads with Turquoise and Kingwood Top View
Mala Beads with Black Inlaid Bone and Tulipwood