The Spirit of Himalayan Jewelry

Modern jewelry originating from the Himalayan regions—such as Nepal or Tibet— is steeped in tradition, originality and visual distinction. The aesthetics vary considerably ranging from bold pieces featuring vibrant turquoise and red coral gemstones on a backdrop of elaborate silver filigree work to a simple yak bone or conch shell pendant displaying a Buddhist or Tibetan symbol. Regardless of the design, the artisans take great care in their workmanship and often employ crafting techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. We offer an extensive array of handmade pieces ranging from designer caliber silver Tibetan cuffs ornately adorned with gemstone to simple yak bone pendants engraved with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra.

In Tibet, in particular, jewelry (and gemstone) served purposes beyond just decorative. The ranks of government officials in Tibet, prior to the mid-20th century, were actually signified by an earring and its corresponding material. Turquoise, not gold, signified the highest rank. Also, certain stones were used in correlation to specific Buddhist deity practices such as Medicine Buddha and lapis lazuli. Mila amber, red coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, carnelian and agate are the favored gemstones often seen in traditional Tibetan or Nepalese jewelry. Conch shell is also used as it is one of the eight auspicious symbols. Gemstones and metals were commonly believed to have medicinal, symbolic and protective qualities. A good example of this is turquoise. Turquoise was believed to purify the blood and absorb toxins. Additionally, it was believed to have changed color according to the health of the wearer. Another example is gold or silver. Gold is considered to be the “hot” metal of the sun, while silver is a “cool” nocturnal metal of the moon which was metaphorically made of solidified moon beams. Nepalese artisans use unique metal compositions to create their pieces. Brass is often used to represent gold or gilt so that it mimics antique designs. The silver used in many Nepalese pieces is a blend consisting of approximately %63 silver and is a metal unique to the region.

Copper Tibetan Cuff Bracelet with Engraved Lotus Design
Tibetan Cuff Bracelet with Copper And Brass Mantra
Tibetan Buddhist Pendant Copper Gau with Top Open
Tibetan Coin Pendant with Snowlion Design
Vintage Style Tibetan Necklace with Gemstone Inlaid Silver Focals
Tibetan Necklace with Vintage Pendant and Turquoise Beading
Buddhist Bracelet Engraved Endless Knot Symbol Close Up
Beaded Yoga Bracelet wtih Carved Sanskrit Om Symbol
Buddhist Pendant Lapis Bodhi Leaf
Buddhist Pendant with Turquoise Bodhi Leaf
Buddhist Monks Bracelet Top View
Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet with Carved Wheel of Joy Symbol
Silver Tibetan Cuff Bracelet Mantra and Scrollwork Side View
Buddhist Mala Bracelet with Tigereye
Buddhist Pendant with Silver Scrollwork and Mantra
Tibetan Buddhist Pendant with Gemstone Inlaid Buddha Stupa Design
Silver-Tibetan Pendant with Gemstone Inlaid Buddhist Mantra and Kalachakra Symbol
Tibetan Buddhist Cuff Bracelet with Copper Mantra and Clouds